• Sustainability

    Respect for the environment

    Energy efficiency



  • People

    Collaborations for employment of people with disabilities

    Organization and support of community strengthening activities

  • Training

    Cooperation initiatives with universities, research institutes, vocational training schools and other institutions


We take pride in working together and enthusiastically with involvement, self-improvement spirit and integrity towards the goal of maintaining Cerler as the working place where people shape a solid collaborative team focused on doing its best every single day. Cerler's team is constantly working to improve the services we offer to our customers and to develop the best relationship with all our stakeholders.

We have been presented with several awards in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) over the years. The last one has been the Social Responsibility in Aragón Award 2021, which was issued to us for the second year in a row, making all Cerler members very proud of our commitment with our inclusive focus.

Activities are organized every year, showing our care for our community. Some examples are related to sports or training collaborations at different levels.

Our solidarity has been particularly strong during the COVID time and we are very thankful for the high involvement of our team in support of these initiatives to help our community. Some of these events were school material drives to help those families in need with the start of school expenses or food drives to collect non-perishable and dry goods for those worst hit by the pandemic.