We are a company committed to our customers and stakeholders, offering services of industrialisation, purchase, and production of electronic products, bearing the culture of focusing on innovation and sustainability.


We wish to be a reference company in outsourcing electronics manufacturing for sectors oh High Added value and High Volume.

Values: our HITS





Management of ELECTRÓNICA CERLER takes in the commitment with the principles above, therefore undertaking:

  • Deploying our mission, vision, and values at all levels of our organisation assuring their acceptance.
  • Provisioning of all necessary available means so that the compliance and sustainable development focused on the interested parties are achieved.
  • Assuring that all activities and aspects in the organisation are developed according to legal requirements, rules, and applicable regulations, going sometimes even further.
  • Continuous improvement of our management systems.

Javier García Monedero

Managing Director / CEO



Electrónica Cerler, S.A.´s policy is to ensure that the products and services which our company provides to their customers and interested parties reach the best standards and cater for all their needs.

The company holds a policy of continuous improvement in the efficiency of Quality Management and it is fully involved in ensuring that the legal requirements and ruling, the specifications and requests of the interested parties are always covered, regarding products as well as services.

All the employees at the company are aware of this policy and they are expected to make every effort and determination to ensure that Electrónica Cerler, S.A. is regarded as a company offering maximum quality in their products and services.


Release this environmental policy to all the parts in the company and make it available to all interested parties.

Constant compliance with legislation and ruling applicable as well as other requirements by interested parties.

Pollution prevention by any of its ways.

Commitment with the protection of the environment and constant improvement of environmental performance.

Control and reduction of raw material consumption and natural resources, emissions and discharges as well as generated waste.

Within the framework of this policy, implementation, revision, communication, and updating, of goals aimed at the improvement of environmental aspects.


The company must detect changes and new trends, as well as the needs of the stakeholders: ENVIRONMENT MONITORING.

The R&D activities require the participation, motivation, and implication of the members of staff by means of their CREATIVITY.

Applying innovative tools and activities, the management and systematization are guaranteed from the creation of the IDEA up to the closing of the innovative PROJECT.

Alliances are key to the R&D activities, turning innovation into a collaborative tool.

The results obtained from the effort and innovative risk of the company will be properly protected and used.