Tech Center is knowledge and collaboration

Cerler's Tech Center means knowledge and collaboration. It is the skills and experience offered by Cerler's staff to our customers, together with whom we create a team with the goal of building the most efficient processes for the customer's product. We use the latest technologies both for operations as well as for information management. Our objective is to obtain our customers' satisfaction and we focus our tools and methods with this clear goal.

People are the core

The following principles guide our team of experts in their work:


Our customers are the reason for our business. We provide them with our best processes and technology acumen to achieve their maximum satisfaction.


Our goal is to obtain maximum efficiency while delivering the highest value to our customers. We design production and material flow processes as well as specific LEAN based work stations. We maintain a continuous improvement framework in all our business processes, maximizing value creation for each activity.


We base our innovation in ideas submitted by any member of the organization and in monitoring the surrounding context to spot innovative opportunities. We capture the value of these ideas and opportunities to develop projects which will boost our business growth.


We strive to become a smart factory, fostering the evolution of our business by means of the digital transformation of our people and processes. We do this with the addition of new technology related to collaboration, connectivity, data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Processes create value for our customers

Our processes are designed and created using tools and LEAN approaches to obtain the maximum value creation throughout the product life cycle. In order to achieve this, an expert team of engineers starts with the comprehensive analysis of our customer's needs and the product requirements, applying value added processes to these initial specifications with the goal of exceeding our customer's expectations.

Production standars

APQP Planning
Lean Manufacturing
Production based on IPC-A-610 standard (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies)
Electrostatic discharge protected areas (EPA) according to IEC 61340 standard
Handling of SMD components according to standard IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033

Technology enables and streamlines processes

The integration of new information and operational technologies allows Cerler to improve its agility and flexibility in processes while increasing quality assurance.

Efficiency in production processes is dramatically increased by the integration of PLC systems, motion automation and robots with intelligent information systems. As a result, data is obtained for better decision making on processes and production logistics.

Connected work flows between information and operation technologies place Cerler at a very high technological level for industry 4.0 (smart factory) standards. Our commitment is to continue on this path.