Legal notice

1) Identification data

The entity in charge of data processed in this site is company ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. provided with tax identification code number A-50447465 and registered office in La Muela 50198 (Zaragoza) Spain, polígono Centrovía, calle Los Angeles 17 and telephone number: +34 976 14 46 70.

For the purposes of this legal notice, the natural or legal person who visits our webpage to gather information and use the services offered on it will have the consideration of "user".

2) Object and scope of application.

These are the general conditions (hereinafter "general conditions") regulating the access, navigation and use of the web under the domain (hereinafter, website), as well as the responsibilities arising from the use of its contents (understanding from now on by "contents" texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, photographs, videos, sounds, data bases, images, expressions and Information, as well as any other creation protected by national laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property. However, ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. may establish particular conditions governing the use and/or hiring of specific goods and services offered to users through the website.

Before using the website, the user must carefully read the corresponding particular conditions established for this purpose by ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A.

Through the use of this portal the user expressly accepts each and every one of the present general conditions, as well as all the special conditions collected for the use of certain services. If you do not accept these general conditions of use, you must refrain from accessing and/or using the contents offered. These general conditions of use govern the user's generic use of the portal. The user will have the possibility to view and print the aforementioned conditions. The user must carefully read the present general conditions of use in each of the occasions in which he or she intends  to use the web page, since they can undergo modifications.

It is understood that the access to the website by the user implies his or her adherence to the general conditions published by ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. at that particular time in which the access to the website takes place. These conditions will always be available for users.

3) Use of the page and limitations of use.

The contents included in the website are only provided to consumers or end users. Any unauthorized commercial use of the contents or their resale is prohibited unless it has the prior written permission of ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A.

If the user needs to register his or her data on our website for the use and/or hiring of a service, he or she will be responsible for providing truthful and lawful information.

The access, browsing and use of the website is responsibility of the user, who agrees to faithfully observe any additional instruction given by ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. or by the authorized personnel of ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. concerning the use of the website and its contents. ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. does not necessarily share the opinions of the users and in no case will be held responsible for them.

Therefore, the user agrees to use the contents in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, he agrees to refrain from:

  • Use the contents for purposes or effects contrary to law, morality and generally accepted good manners or public order.
  • Reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing public access through any kind of public communication, transforming or modifying the contents, unless it has the authorization of the holder of the corresponding rights or this data modification is legally permitted.
  • Using the information of any kind obtained through the page or the services to send promotional material, communications for the purpose of direct sale or with any other kind of commercial purpose, unsolicited messages addressed to multiple recipients irrespective of their purpose or even marketing or disclosing such information in any way.
  • Deleting, circumventing or manipulating the "copyright" mark, any data present in the contents whose purpose is the identification of the data owners' rights, as well as the technical protection devices or any information system that the contents may include.

4) Access and right of exclusion.

The access to the website by the users has a free nature.

When the registration or personal data provision is necessary for the user to access any of the specific services, the collection and processing of the user's personal data will be subject to the data protection policy located on the website. If the user does not fill all the fields marked as required with an asterisk, ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. reserves the right to  not provide the service in question.

The user guarantees the authenticity of the data communicated and will be responsible for the false or inaccurate statements.

5) Technical access requirements.

To access the website, the user must have access to the internet network and have the equipment and computer systems necessary to make the connection to the network, including a terminal that is suitable for the effect (computer, phone, etc.) and a modem or other analog or similar access device. The correct access and use of certain contents and services at the webpage implies the downloading of certain computer programs or other logical elements in the user's computer equipment.

The installation of the aforementioned programs or logical elements will be borne by the user. ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. declines any responsibility that could eventually be derived from it.

6) Refusal and withdrawal of access to the website and/or services.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and/or services at any time and without prior notice to those users who breach these general conditions.

7) Modifications.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. reserves the right to modify or delete services and information found on this website at any time and without prior notice the contents. The company may as well limit or cancel the general terms and conditions applicable to the website.

8) Intellectual and Industrial property rights.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. owns the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website. The company also owns or has the corresponding license over intellectual and industrial property rights of the contents available through it.

In no case shall it be understood that the user's access and browsing implies a waiver, transmission, license or total or partial grant of such rights on ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A.'s part.

Consequently, it is forbidden to delete, circumvent or manipulate the copyright notice and any other data included in the contents with the purpose of identifying the rights of ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. or their rightful owners.

Similarly, to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second or subsequent publications, upload files, mail, transmit or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in the website is strictly not allowed, unless you have the express and written authorization from ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. or the holder of the corresponding rights.

If you are interested in an authorization or license to use the contents of the website in any way, please send us a request through

9) Data protection.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. complies with the guidelines of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council on 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. The company also complies with Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on the Protection of Personal Data and the guarantee of digital rights.

For this reason, the user will be informed of the existence of the conditions for data processing each time he or she requests any services with the the personal data collection form. The following data will be supplied to the user: name of the person who bears responsibility of the file created and in which address she can be reached, the possibility of exercising the user's rights of access, rectification, suppression, limitation of treatment, portability or opposition as well as what is the purpose of the data treatment and, finally, if there is a communication of data to third parties, where legally requested. ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. also complies with law 34/2002 of July 11.

10) Use of cookie technology.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. reserves the right to use the so-called "cookies" or similar files, in any type of use of the website. The "cookies" used are associated only with anonymous users and their terminals, they do not provide references from which personal data from the user can be inferred. The cookies used can not read data from the users' hard disks  nor can they read the "Cookie" files created by others. ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. informs you that most internet browsers allow users to delete cookies from their computer's hard drive, lock them or receive a message before recording a "cookie". Browsers can be configured so that a notification appears on the screen upon reception of a cookie, to prevent it from being installed in the hard drive.

For help with these operations related to cookies, please access your browser instructions or manuals or the help screen.

11) Responsibilities.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. shall not be liable, directly or indirectly or in solidarity for:

 - The quality of the service, the speed of access, the correct operation and the availability or continuity of operation of the portal.

 - The information introduced by users, collaborators and third parties.

 - Any damage that may be caused to the user's equipment by the use of the website.

 - The infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights, of the rights to honor, of personal and family intimacy and the image of persons (photographs), of property rights or of any other right belonging to a third party as consequence of the transmission, diffusion, storage, availability, reception, obtention or access to the contents on the website.

 - Wrongful use of the contents of this website by the user.

 - The commision of any type of illicit action, detrimental to rights, harmful and/or damaging carried out by the user.

12) Privacy Policy.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. states that the processing of the personal data provided through will be carried out under the strictest confidentiality and in full compliance with the obligations and guarantees laid down by law (article 6(1b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679) of the European Parliament and the Council on 27 April 2016. The ownership of the file resulting from the data acquired on the website will correspond to ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. informs that the rights to access, rectification, suppression, limitation of treatment, portability or opposition to the treatment of the data can be exercised by sending a letter with a copy of your national identification document (DNI) or of any other official document proving your identity to the following address: 
Electrónica Cerler, S. A. 
Polígono Centrovía, Calle Los Ángeles nº 17
E-50198 La Muela (Zaragoza) Spain
You may, alternatively, send an email to:                                                 

The non-completion of the fields marked as required in any electronic registration form may result in ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. not being able to process your request.

Users under the age of 18 need to have permission from their parents or guardians to provide personal data on the website of ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A.

13) Responsibilities and guarantees.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. does not guarantee the lawfulness, reliability, usefulness, veracity or accuracy of the information services broadcasted through its website.

Consequently, ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. does not guarantee nor can it be held acccountable for:

  • The continuity of the contents on the website;
  • The absence of errors in such content or the correction of any defect that may occur;
  • The absence of viruses and/or other harmful components on the website or on the server hosting it; 
  • The invulnerability of the website and/or the impenetrability of the security measures adopted therein;
  • The lack of usefulness or performance of the contents of the website;
  • Damages caused by any person who infringes the conditions, rules and instructions established by ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. on the website and damages caused through the infringement of the security systems of the website.

Notwithstanding the above information , ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. declares that it has taken all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of the technology, to guarantee the operation of the website and to avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to its users .

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. has also adopted the needed steps to prevent the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access of personal data, taking into consideration the current state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the fact that the risks to which data can be exposed can have human, physical or natural origin. However, the user must be aware that security measures on the internet are not invulnerable.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. reserves the right to introduce modifications to the website as it deems appropriate, including changing, deleting or adding not only the contents and services that are provided on the website, but the layout and presentation as well.

14) Links.

In the event that the user might find links to third-party web pages at, the company informs that it has no human or technical means to know, control or approve the information, contents, products or services provided by other websites to which links are established at the website. Therefore, ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. can not be held liable for any aspect of the third-party website to which has a link to, specifically, but not limited to its operation, access, data, files, information, quality and reliability of its products and services, its own links and/or any of its contents, in general.

The establishment of any type of link at the website to another website does not imply that there is any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependency between ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. and the person responsible for the other website.

15) Duration and modification.

ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. reserves the right to modify its privacy policy. Should ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. introduce any modification, the new text will be published on this website, where the user will be able to see the current privacy policy. In any case, the relationship with the users will be governed by the standards in place at the precise moment in which the website is visited. Therefore, frequent revision of this text is recommended.

These general conditions shall be in force until they are partially or totally modified by other conditions duly published. At that time, the amended general conditions will become effective.

Irrespective of the provisions of the particular conditions, ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. may terminate, suspend or interrupt, access to the contents of the page at any time and without prior notice, without the user being able to demand any kind of compensation. After such extinction, the prohibitions on the use of the contents described above in the present general conditions will remain in force.

16) Generalities.

The headings of the different clauses are only informative and will not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the general conditions.

If there is a discrepancy between these general conditions and the particular conditions of each specific service, the provisions of the latter shall prevail.

In the event that any provision of these general conditions is deemed void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any court or competent administrative body, such nullity or non-application shall not affect the other provisions of the general conditions nor the particular conditions of the different services offered by ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A.

The non-enforcement or enforcement by ELECTRÓNICA CERLER, S. A. of any right or disposition contained in these general conditions shall not constitute a waiver thereof, unless specific and written agreement has been issued by the company.

17) Applicable law and jurisdiction.

These conditions are written in Spanish and translated into English. They are subject to the Spanish legislation in force. For any type of controversy arising from the use of the services offered or from the contents of the portal, the parties are subject to the courts that are competent in accordance with the legislation in force.