We work in cooperation with our customers to turn their design and functional prototypes into a suitable product for industrial production. When a customer project arrives at Cerler, it is assigned to a team of specialists in test, industrialization and production. Our teams, which integrate know-how acquired through over 25 years of experience, are in close contact with the customers, providing feedback in each of the steps of the process with the goal of creating the optimal production proposal for their projects.

Following APQP quality planning, at Cerler, we aim for the customer's product to reach an optimal balance point among 5 key aspects: function, cost, quality, reliability and eco-design.

  • 1. Routing of Printed Circuit Board

    We offer the service of routing the product PCB in order to expedite the time-to-market of the industrial prototype and also, to anticipate its best design for optimal production.

  • 2. DfP Analysis (Design for Procurement)

    A detailed analysis of the bill of materials allows us to propose the components and suppliers which best provide the lowest cost of material, highest quality and fastest delivery times.

  • 3. DfMA Analysis (Design for Manufacturing and Assembling)

    We cooperate with our customers in the design and development of their industrial prototypes with the goal of finding the best fit of the product with our assembly process, thus ensuring final quality.

    We select the best productive means available for both production and process control.

  • 4. DfT Analysis (Design for Testing of the product)

    In order to control the quality of the product, the best strategies and testing systems are designed in close cooperation with our customers, starting from their specifications. Cerler can also include the programming of the firmware in the product as well as the completion of functional tests.

  • 5. Design and development of manufacturing and control processes

    At Cerler, we design and develop the customized means of production and process quality controls needed for those products which do not conform to our standard production configurations.

  • 6. Design and development of test systems for production

    We have a team of test engineers specialized in the development and production of systems required for testing both electronic boards as well as final products.

  • 7. Prototype production

    The following options are available to our customers:

    • 3D printing of enclosures
    • Production of laboratory functional prototypes
    • Production of industrial prototypes